Blakmaket Fair Trade Company is a social enterprise built on social justice foundations. Tired of being perpetually re-victimized by the prevailing global narrative of marginalization and disenfranchisement of African peoples all over the world, which actually does as much to reify racism as it does to cure it, we decided to seize control of our collective destinies by creating a global marketplace that showcases the Black creative genius in a manner that both changes the Black narrative, while fostering economic empowerment and equity.
The history of Africa in relation to the rest of the world is populated with inequitable treatment that has wreaked havoc on generations of Africans globally. This has been so, even while Africa maintains the world’s largest mineral reserves which every powerful nation on earth is doing everything in its power to continue pillaging.
Not anymore! has democratized the African economy and transferred power from the hands of a few to the hands of every African in the world with a hunger for economic empowerment, equity, and entrepreneurship. If that describes you in any way, then don’t hesitate another moment. Sign up today and let us put your products on display for the whole world to see, buy and enjoy! Let us together take control of our collective economic and social destinies and let us do so with dignity and courage.
We have assembled some of the smartest African minds on this platform who are committed to make sure that both our supplier partners and our global consumers from every continent enjoy the highest level of professionalism and care available anywhere in the world. Our logistics partners such as world renown DHL and all the others have proven track records of success, so both our vendors and shoppers can transact with ease and confidence.
Finally, to honor our commitment to social justice, every year we make significant investments across the African continent in areas such as education, entrepreneurship and micro financing that directly impact the socio-economic realities of thousands of children and young people. Every dollar our buyers spend makes a powerful statement of commitment to do what is right even while enjoying some of the best collection of African-designed and produced products available anywhere online.
Shop courageously!